Using painting, sculpture, video, installation, administration, writing, and performance, Meghan Gordon researches and experiments with collaboration, intimacy, labor, and exchange. Gordon creates unusual exhibition contexts in order to foster short, but intensive working relationships with artists resulting in fully realized projects with complicated authorship. Gordon is interested in supporting other artists as a medium of expression. When working with someone she performs as collaborator, editor, curator, publicist, and assistant, often performing in the project. Gordon considers these actions "various labors performance," which each project helps to document.

some times is a performative project space that takes the shape of a bar; it removes the physical space from an exhibition space. By operating a space without the cost of real estate, some times questions the power structure of displaying art. Riffing on the social aspects of participating in art communities, some times recontextualizes art making within the fun element of an art event – the bar. some times asks collaborators to place their interests in the context of this conceptual space. During the public performance, no money is exchanged, but often various levels of participation are required from the audience.

Gordon's other collaborative projects, with the collective neverhitsend and with Arden Surdam (Studio Cooking), create variable contexts for similar interests. Working within the medium of collaboration, essentially the medium of relationships, articulates the political nature of individuality through choosing whom we associate with. Performance and exhibition-making create a multivalent space to allow the hidden labors and relationships of making artwork to be publicly on display.